Stand Up for Sir John A. Macdonald!

Across the country, activists and special interests are pushing to remove all statues and name references to Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

The most recent attempt is happening in Victoria, where their City Council decided to remove the historic Sir John A. Macdonald statue from in front of City Hall.

Earlier this year, the Ontario elementary school teacher's union demanded that Sir John A. Macdonald no longer be used in school names, and that schools with his name should be given new names.

For these vocal activists, their role is to reduce or eliminate the major contributions of Canada's first Prime Minister from public discussion and recorded history.

Sir John A. Macdonald - a Father of Confederation - unified Canada and made major contributions to the development of our nation.

His record in office was far from perfect. He was involved in political scandals and his support for the residential schools program resulted in lasting damage to Canada's indigenous communities.

However, to simply ignore him and his tenure as Prime Minister is to abandon the very foundation of Canadian history.

It also ignores his modern attitudes towards women's rights, including the right to vote - Sir John A. Macdonald even made this statement on the concept of women's suffrage:

“I am strongly of that opinion, and have been for a good many years, and I had hoped that Canada would have the honour of first placing women in the position she is certain, eventually, after centuries of oppression, to obtain … of completely establishing her equality as a human being and as a member of society with man.”

It's time to stop the politically correct rewriting of Canadian history, and to recognize those whose actions molded our country into the exceptional place it is today, along with their misdeeds and mistakes.

I, the undersigned, am standing up for Canadian history. I oppose the politically correct agenda being pushed forward by activists and special interests to ignore or re-write our country's great legacy. I call on governments across Canada to stop the practice of removing statues or names because of political correctness. I stand up for Sir John A. Macdonald!

Will you sign?

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